Articles S11


  • Syed Mohammad Ali, “Growing concerns about water sharing in South Asia” -2
  • Stephen Zunes, “Libya, the United States, and the Anti-Gaddafi Revolt” -3
  • Rene Wadlow, “Syria: The Downward Spiral” -4
  • Uri Avnery, “Rejoice Not…” -5
  • Michael Nagler, “Nonviolence, key for change in Egypt” -6
  • Yasser Khalil, “Muslims and Christians together in a new Egypt” -7
  • Khaled Diab, “Egyptian revolution a wakeup call for Arabs and Israelis?” -8
  • Rabab Fayad, “Egypt going to elections” -9
  • Safa A. Hussein, “Winds of change in Iraq” -10
  • N. Hafid, “Is Algeria prepared for a new revolution?” -11
  • Testriono, “Indonesian example counters fears of radical religious states in Tunisia/Egypt” -12
  • Sri Murniati, “Indonesian lessons for Tunisia’s revolution” -13
  • Carla Koppell and Haleh Esfandiari, “Women standing with men for change in the Middle East” -14
  • Ghassan Michel Rubeiz, “Can the Arab Awakening bring peace to the Middle East?” -15
  • Syed Babar Ali and Wendy Chamberlin, “Beyond Raymond Davis” -16
  • Qurat ul Ain Siddiqui, “Bhatti’s legacy for Pakistan” -17
  • Syed Mohammad Ali, “Another approach to madrasah reforms in Pakistan” -18
  • Qazi Abdul Qadeer Khamosh, ” Violent Afghan protests serve as Pakistani warning” -19
  • Rowan Williams, “A truly Islamic state protects Christians” -20
  • Rita Chemaly, “Lebanon: civil society mobilised for equal rights” -21
  • Osman Hassan, “In Sudan, civil society helps implement the law” -22
  • Michael Omer-Man, “Breaking down barriers in the South Hebron Hills” -23
  • Musharraf Hussain, “Bridging the gap between British Christians and Muslims” -24
  • Jonathan Freeman, “Helping Muslim youth realise their ambitions in the UK” -25
  • Didin Nurul Rosidin, “Ahmadis and their neighbours at the grassroots level” -26
  • Rene Wadlow, “World Citizens call for a Thai-Cambodian Peace Zone: From Periodic Flair-ups to Permanent Cooperation” -27
  • Rene Wadlow, “Create Space for Peace” -28